Fundraising At Scale: Progressives Unite To Go Big


Leading social justice organizations have joined forces with Membership Drive to launch the Face to Face Fundraising Round Table. The Round Table is a collaborative working group to share strengths and coordinate tests to build canvass programs. The ultimate goals of the canvass programs are financial sustainability and greater political power.

The Face to Face Fundraising Round Table

The Round Table includes the Working Families Organization, National People’s Action, and Center for Popular Democracy. The collaboration is facilitated by Membership Drive with support from the Center for Community Change.

Highlights from the Face to Face Fundraising Round Table

• Financing to Go Big: Guillermo Quinteros from Solidago Foundation is developing a low-interest loan product for organizations that can run proven as well as profitable fundraising programs. Financing opportunities include Solidago’s partnership with Amalgamated Bank to guarantee low interest loans. In addition, the Progressive Multiplier Fund, which will provide financing for specific fundraising projects.

• Growth through New Markets and Channels: Working Family Organization (WFO) grew their canvass operation over 66% in 2014 by expanding their fundraising efforts into two new states. The organization plans to continue to grow in 2015 through testing street fundraising models as well as building on their current door program.

People’s Action tested a street canvass model when they launched their first ever in-house fundraising canvass this year. People’s Action plans to expand its Chicago team and help their affiliates to launch canvass operations.

• New Canvass Models in Low Income Communities: The Center for Popular Democracy Action presented a case study on groundbreaking work by New York Communities for Change (NYCC). NYCC runs a canvass in low-income communities that performs as well as many fundraising canvasses in middle-class communities. In seven months, NYCC raised $87,253 and recruited 910 monthly donors, and most noteworthy, increased meeting turnout by 378%.

Looking Forward

Because progressive non-profits focus on recruiting donors affected by social injustices, models like NYCC’s may be the next frontier for canvass operations. The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) in Los Angeles are testing NYCC’s model.

For more information about the Round Table, contact Ashley Bloom on the Membership Drive team.

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