Membership Drive builds the Political and Financial Power of Progressive Organizations

Membership Drive is the industry leading expert in canvass operations. Our team has dedicated their lives to helping progressives across the social, economic, racial, and environmental justice movements by providing the technology, training, and strategic insight to simplify launching, managing, and transforming your in-house or outsourced face to face membership programs.

At Membership Drive we believe that the best way to make change is through mobilizing people while generating resources through grassroots efforts. We consequently center our work on helping our partners continuously refine scalable canvass models to increase financial and membership power.

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions because we put our partners first. Consequently, we tailor our products and services to ensure your organization has the most relevant support it needs to successfully manage your canvass operation. We have experience working with large, international NGOs in addition to small and mighty local groups.

What We Do

Canvass in a Box

Membership Drive simplifies in-house canvass management, providing program design, technology, office director training, as well as senior staff support services

Face to Face Fundraising Round Table

The Face-to-Face Fundraising Round Table is collaborative group that shares data and training materials in addition to coordinating tests on staff recruitment, member recruitment, and member retention. Round Table membership includes quarterly site visits, weekly coaching sessions with program leaders, as well

 as annual program audits.

Canvass Vendor Management Services

Membership Drive simplifies hiring and managing canvassing vendors, providing strategy, vendor selection, reporting, donor retention, and ongoing support.

Innovation and Experimentation

Our team works by your side to design as well as test new methods of group and one-on-one member recruitment and retention as well as staff recruitment and development techniques.

Membership Drive Technology

The Membership Drive canvassing platform enables even the smallest organizations to start programs with best in
class back-office.

Canvass Director Trainings

Membership Drive team runs tri-annual trainings for office directors to provide management, leadership, and fundraising skills.

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