Today, Membership Drive announced the appointment of Paul Moriarty to Chief Executive Officer.  Phil Radford will continue as President of Membership Drive to help steer strategy and work with select partners, and will shift the majority of his time over to other projects housed in Progressive Power Lab, such as the Progressive Multiplier Fund. Paul joins a seasoned team. Ashley Bloom, SVP, designed and manages Membership Drive’s consulting practice for organizations running in-house canvasses. Jason Dahlke manages Membership Drive’s recruitment practice.

Phil Radford said, “Paul Moriarty is the perfect person to assume the role of CEO at the perfect time. Paul is the best candidate to steer Membership Drive and make an immediate contribution as our first CEO. I am excited about this next phase for Membership Drive. We’re in a strong place and well positioned to grow, adding to our ability to help more organizations around the world and amplify the impact we have in helping create lasting change.”

Paul Moriarty: 12 Years of Canvass Leadership

Moriarty spent twelve years focused on canvass management. Paul spent 11 years in the core team that built, refined and directed the largest nonprofit canvass at Greenpeace. Recently, Moriarty’s company, Focus Driven Marketing, has played a pivotal role in helping Membership Drive refine its business development model and strategy. Moriarty decided to close Focus Driven Marketing to focus his effort on fulfilling Membership Drive’s mission.

“Membership Drive offers the most comprehensive suite of services for canvassing in the industry. Few people who understand canvassing and management like Paul Moriarty. His knowledge of canvassing, attention to detail, and commitment to innovation will help us to continue to offer the best results for our partners,” said Ashley Bloom.

About Membership Drive

Founded by Phil Radford in 2014, Membership Drive is the leader in face-to-face fundraising innovation with a proven track record of testing some of the biggest breakthroughs in face-to-face fundraising. Membership Drive integrates testing wins into technology, training, and strategy for nonprofits and nonprofit vendors to constantly improve performance.  Membership Drive is a project of Progressive Power Lab.

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