The Membership Drive team brings a unique combination of experience and insight to our work. We’ve built and managed some of the largest face-to-face canvass programs in the United States, provided advisory services for global and local grassroots fundraising programs from Bangkok to Boston, and run some of the largest non-profits and grassroots campaigns in the United States.

Ashley Bloom
Senior Vice President, Director of Training and Advisory Services
Ashley Bloom is a skilled international fundraising expert specializing in direct sales and fundraising. Bloom manages Membership Drive's training and advisory services programs, overseeing training, canvassing tests, coaching, and support to Membership Drive's partners. Prior to joining the Membership Drive Team, Bloom was the International Direct Dialogue Coordinator at Greenpeace International, where she served as an in-house consultant and manager of face-to-face fundraising programs across the United States, Mexico, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Bloom started her career as a canvasser.
Philip D. Radford

Phil is the founder and President of Membership Drive, the Progressive Multiplier Fund, and Progressive Power Lab. He has served as the Executive Director of Greenpeace USA and Power Shift, as the Grassroots Director of Greenpeace and Ozone Action, and is a board member of the Mertz Gilmore Foundation. Prior to serving as Greenpeace’s Executive Director, Radford served as the director of the organization’s Grassroots Program. In that capacity, he launched and directed Greenpeace’s street and door-to-door canvasses, online-to-offline organizing team, social media team, Student Network, and the Greenpeace Semester. Under Radford, the street and door-to-door canvassing programs grew to include nearly 450 staff in almost 20 cities across the country and were responsible for doubling the organization’s budget and membership.

Jason Dahlke
Training, Technology and Recruitment Specialist
Jason is an experienced canvassing professional with over 8 years of service in the non-profit sector across 3 countries. Currently, Jason manages trainings, canvass tests, technology support, and staff recruitment for Membership Drive's partners. Jason has managed canvass offices that tested new, successful canvass models for Membership Drive, served as a Regional Canvass Director for non-profits in New Zealand, and managed canvass teams for Greenpeace in the U.S.